When the dream of going to Korea first poked it’s head up in the soil of our hearts we talked about wanting to create a diary that would become a gift to others and a treasured collection of memories for ourselves. For me, living is a constant process of writing about it in my head. I “record” it as movies in mind and will frequently get lost in my head with my words when I’m experiencing something I want to keep alive.

Naomi means beautiful music. We had her name painted on a banner in Chinese characters by a craftsman when we went to China to gather her up into our family those 21 years ago. She’s no singer, which she would readily tell you….:D….but her life sings a song of miracles. To be found on a street in her country, brought to an orphanage and adopted into a family in another country thousands of miles away, healthy and curious is itself no small thing. She has always seized learning new things with a self motivation that left me startled. As a child, she taught herself how to knit on the computer, read books well beyond her age level, joined in with little fear to new groups, new situations. She had a quiet, determined confidence.

After graduating high school with honors, she went on to college with a full scholarship. She has continually set her sites, lined her arrow up and shot with unbreakable focus. So came the evening when she first said “internship abroad” and what did I think….my head snapped up immediately. I could hear my father’s voice to me when I was young. “Travel is the best education. Always say yes to it.” I stepped on Naomi’s words…..”Apply. But before you do, know that you will get a green light. They will want you. Are you ready to say yes?” Within a week she had her interview. 6 a.m…..all make up and blown dry….sitting before a screen talking to someone across the globe. I paced outside her door trying to hear what across the globe sounded like. Two days later; “Congratulations! We would like to welcome you into Beyond Academy!” We grabbed hold of one another and jumped up and down like school girls on the playground! My miracle girl had hit her target again!

A few days later, she had a “match”. A company in Seoul, Korea wanted to talk to her about an internship. Another early morning, more make up, just the right lighting, she sat in front of her screen and wowed them. By the end of the 30 minutes they already told her they would like to have her on board. It was a Korean beauty product company seeking to expand globally. The girl was going to Seoul!

And then, it dawned on us. My beautiful son is from Seoul. Unlike China, when you adopt from Korea they allow for a “courier” to bring your child to you. Without having a resource to watch our other children at the time, we were not able to go to Korea. In my mind, then, Naomi came from China; Solomon came from the airport. I had always longed to see Korea. And that’s when the girl said the magic words….why don’t you come with me and settle me in. I all but packed right then, except money. I had more extra socks than extra money.

God? Is this a dream bud growing? Should I water this or let it die? “Ask and you will receive. Knock….” And so I started wondering how to knock. I love to serve. I would come over and gladly do your laundry for a cup of coffee; drop your cat at the vet, take your kids to the park. When I can find my place in the room to serve, I am “home”. So, I set out to serve and hung up my banner…..and people came calling. Within the week the answer was delivered to my heart. “Water your dream.”

And then Russia. What does this mean, God? Should we go? Can we go? “David and Goliath is a true story. Keep watering.” And so we water, we forge friendships with those in Korea that have become people we care about, check on, learn from. We search flights and air b and b’s and make lists and check dates. And I am reminded of my favorite verse; one that continues to make itself known in my life.

“Sit still, my daughter, that you may learn how the matter turns out.” – Book of Ruth 3:18. So, we proceed with our hands while we “sit still” in our hearts. Naomi created a title for our blog/instagram by spelling out how her name will be pronounced in Korea. Seoul, we love you already.