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“You look so excited!”….

Today was picture day at school and well……since I don’t fancy myself picture worthy, it’s just so much awkward posing.  Head tilted just so, hands at sides.  Surely we don’t variante del viagra viagra beim zoll here key elements of a social science research proposal click how to write an invoice for freelance graphic design how to get rid of viagra email virus professional creative writing editing website for phd go to site writing an explanation essay online essay writing job essay topics for high school students narrative how to write a literary argument essay writing notebook amerikan gold viagra follow site quoting a movie in a research paper cheap peroxicam lasix overnight buy no prescription essay cover page format apa your experience with viagra viagra kidney stones taking handwritten notes on ipad pro really have to go through with this?  But, as I stepped up to the plate, the first of the day, the lovely young girl taking my picture smiled at me.  “You look so excited!”, she says.  “Are you?”  I giggled a “yes” but added, “I’ve no reason really.  I’m just so happy to be here.”

“What do you do here?”, she asked.  “Love kids.  But I get paid to run the student spirit store.”  Hours later, after all the images had been captured in her camera, she came through the doors of the store and we spent some time getting to know one another and sharing our stories.  She used to go to this school several years back, she told me, but not before some struggles led her there.  She’s better now, she tells me, but she’s still carving out her path to figure out God.  I realized how much my soul felt fed full by connections like this one.
She wanted a t shirt from the school for old times but didn’t have enough money so I pitched in to finish off the amount needed. “Take it and remember our talk,” I told her.  “Come back and see me.”
I locked the doors of the store and headed off to lunch and sat with a group of sparkly little girls and stifled a laugh at the boy who “accidentally” squirted mustard down his shirt.
This is why I look so excited, I thought.  
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  1. Kathryn Capps

    I'm so happy you have found your place, dear one! I'm enjoying your blog so much!

  2. Tamara

    Thank you, dear friend. I love you <3

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