Lifter of Heads

It began when I asked Him for the crazy wild favor that feels presumptuous.  But after all, He told me that when my hands and heart are clean, I will carry away a blessing.  So, I let Him wash me and then I grabbed my bucket and went down to the water to wait.

Friday, I went in to the main office at school, like I usually do in the afternoon, and let everyone know I was free to a good home.  That means, I’m willing to help whoever needs any.  🙂  By the end of the day, I had a second job added on to the one I already have in the school store and my hours increased with a shake of the administrator’s wand.  The day before, I’d “reminded” God that I’d been asking for that all along and would He please not forget but I will wait and trust firm that He knows what He’s up to.  That wait thing?  Yeah.  About that.  He’s got me in that class on the grad level these days.  I mean to pass with an A plus, which means I surrender all.  So not my favorite.

I left school with my girl and a boy in tow.  We stopped at Wendy’s and dipped our french fries in frosties and laughed a little too loudly and I pretended to be shocked when the boy pushed the envelope and we laughed some more.  And I caught wind of that crazy favor again; that part of life where you shake hands with the spontaneous and learn to live just right there in that moment because that moment is a gift too easy unnoticed if you’re not paying attention.

It turns out, crazy wild favor is living sold out and watching for Him on the horizon with your bag packed lightly.  Just as I am……ready to jump in with both boots….because I like my boots.  🙂

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  1. Carla McMullen

    Hey Mz Adventure. .. smile. I love your posts. I smiled as I read your current reflecting of Grace lived out in your day to day life. Please pray for me to join you in abandoning to the reality of the New name I heard Him name me years ago "Brave Heart". When I looked up brave in a Greek source, one of the definitions was CHEER. I have had great battle in that very area. I want to emerge from this undercurrent of sadness that keeps rumbling up intermittently. I know I am called to be an encourager. He has delivered me from much. I so desire His Kingdom Come. ..His Will Be Done in earth as it is heaven. Open the eyes of my heart afresh Lord.. is the prayer I ask u to join in with me.I wanna see THROUGH His Seeing!

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